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GCSE Chemistry Flash Notes

These condensed revision notes (flashcards) are designed to facilitate memorization. They contain all the necessary exam knowledge in a short, easy to memorize form. Each page covers the key facts, such as definitions or equations, of a single topic, without the distraction of unnecessary information. Knowing them by heart makes it easy to get top grades. They have been adapted to the new AQA Chemistry GCSE Higher Tier 9-1 syllabus (from Sept 16). (only AQA specification available. There are no notes for Edexcel or OCR). This book is organized in chapters according to the syllabus and allows natural progression in sync with your school work. Created with great care, it includes important information specific to exam questions. This small book will save you hours of painstaking note writing. Please buy these professional notes as paperbacks from my book store or PDF files from my ebook page (free sample available):